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Insurers today are looking at innovative ways to get new products into the market and position them on long term basis. InteliMinds BPO’s insurance business process solutions include outsourcing, technology and transformation. We introduce the client’s new products and services into the market, help meet regulatory requirements and to maintain customer loyalty.

Our Services to the Insurance Industry include:

We provide new customer acquisition, customer service, policy administration, underwriting support services and claims support. Additionally, we also provide actuarial support, loss modeling, catastrophic modeling, as well as industry-specific finance and accounting services which includes reinsurance accounting.

Customer Care/ Support:

  • Sales, Marketing and Distribution
  • New Business Underwriting and Reinsurance
  • Policy Services and Customer Care
  • Claims Support
  • Actuarial Support
  • F&A

Other Insurance Services include:

  • Underwriting Assistance
  • Data Quality
  • Binding Authority
  • Credit Control
  • Actuarial and Modeling
  • Claims
  • Reinsurance Accounting


InteliMinds BPO has over a decade of experience in providing call center outsourcing services to financial, banking and insurance sectors. We help them acquire new customers, improve customer retention and increase the overall cross-sell opportunities.

Origination services include:

  • Loan Boarding
  • File Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Closing and Post-Closing
  • Customer Service
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Correspondence and Default Management
  • Collections and Loan Modification

Credit Card services include:

  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Correspondence Processing

Consumer Loan services include:

  • Increase Customer Interactions
  • Customer Retention
  • Follow-up calls

Mortgage Industry

The Mortgage Industry focuses on improving customer satisfaction by reducing the cost of operations, driving innovation and delivering absolute value. InteliMinds BPO delivers a wide range of Business Process Outsourcing solutions and services to the mortgage industry. Our mortgage services are designed to ensure concrete benefits by optimizing productivity and reducing costs, based on our in-depth understanding of the industry. Our processing capabilities and deep domain knowledge helps us to deliver transaction-based (back-office) and voice-based services.

Consumer Lending Solutions

First and second prime mortgage origination | Sub prime mortgage origination | Mortgage Servicing | Consumer and home equity loans origination | Loan servicing | Student loan servicing | Lead generation | Cross-sales

Loan Origination

Lead Generation | 1003 Processing | Fulfillment Services | Loan Setup | Post closing | Doc Tracking | Pool Delivery | QC Audit | Broker Monitoring | Compliance audit | Data entry | Conduit services

Performing Loans Servicing

Welcome Calls | Tax and Insurance | Tracking | Customer Service | Escrow Analysis | Assumptions/Pay off/Satisfaction processing | Payment Research | Investor | Reconciliation | Custodial bank accounting | PMI renew/cancel | Collections/ – first payment default | Referrals for advanced delinquency processes Notifications

Non-Performing Loans Servicing

Loss Mitigation Gain/Loss analysis | Alternatives | Document Generation | Foreclosure Referral | Foreclosure/Bankruptcy tracking | Lien tracking | Pre-post petition application of payments | Notices | REO referrals

Consumer Loan Services

Loan setup | Customer Service | Collections


End to end mortgage processing for a leading US mortgage provider.

Overall net savings of ~ 50%, improved quality (>99.95% accuracy) achieved by Inteliminds for a leading US Mortgage provider