Energy & Utilities

Excellence through high energy, service delivery.

The Energy and Utility Industry is the prime facilitator of basic necessities for every consumer. To maintain their leadership position and customer base, utility companies are differentiating themselves by constantly looking at ways to enhance customer experience and lower operational costs.

InteliMinds BPO has several years of experience in this field. We manage outsourced call centers and business solutions for the utility sector. A focus on core values to deliver a superior level of customer service has been our long term approach. For our clients, we tailor a multi-channel approach that delivers customer service excellence, improves efficiency and ensures steady incremental growth.

Our integrated service offering for the Utility industry include:

Customer Acquisition

Customer Service Management

Billing and Collection

Service Order Management

Customer Financial Management


We have played a successful hand in increasing our energy client’s customer database to 30% more than their existing customer base.

Inteliminds Process Outlines enabled one of USA’s leading utility companies to filter out prospects in geographical zones, which did not provide compelling benefits.