Market Research

Accurate information to help clients make better decisions.

Market Research and Surveys are critical tools for any business to understand the current market state and opportunity for the products and services it offers. Our research and survey process includes tracking data from customers via a questionnaire or telephone survey. At InteliMinds BPO, we help the client  design the report by clearly defining results, graphic presentations and statistical documents.

In this field, our goal is to use the best marketing research methods to get the right information and thereby help organizations create an ecosystem of effective decision making.

Our Service Offerings for the Market Research industry include:

InteliMinds BPO work with clients to implement any preferred Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software – our CRM system is customized to meet your CATI requirements.

Recruiting members for Focus Groups/ IDIs/Mystery Shopping (recruitment from your existing panel)

Canvassing additions to your panels, panel recruiting


InteliMinds BPO conducted a Telephone Survey for a Market Research Company based in the US.

InteliMinds BPO completed about 75,000 surveys over a period of three months with trained associates using the CATI process for Direct Marketing Company in the UK.